Other project activities

The activities of the Volunteer Centre in Zamość in the project „Still needed. A Partnership for Supporting the Victims of the Third Reich from Zamojszczyzna and Cologne”

  • Legal and social advice,
  • Lectures,
  • Outings,
  • Cooperation with partners from Cologne, the Foundation „Polish-German Reconciliation” and organisations for war victims.

A trip to Kozłówka 2017-06-20

On 20 June members of the Senior Community Station visited Kozłówka Palace. The magnificent interior of Zamoyski Palace, the coachhouse, the garden and the perfect weather made everyone satisfied and happy, which can be seen in the picture story.

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Theatre workshops - the effects 2017-05-12

Seniors attending theatre workshops are preparing themselves for putting on two stage adaptations: of “Dusiołek,” based on the poem by Bolesław Leśmian and “A Wife for a Vampire,” based on a folk tale.

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A trip to Kozłówka – an invitation 2017-05-05

The Volunteer Centre in Zamość is organizing a trip to Kozłówka for seniors from the Senior Community Station and volunteers. The trippers will find the Zamoyski Museum and the Socialist-Realist Art Gallery there. The trip will take place on 20 June.

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Gala 2016 – Volunteers’ and Community Worker’s Day 2016-12-12

A joint Gala, which was held for the second time, combined two events important for Zamość third sector: the annual December International Volunteer Day and the final of the eighth edition of the “Nongovernmental Initiative of the Year” competition.

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08.12.2016 - Volunteer Gala of Social Initiatives 2016-12-06

As in previous year, this year’s International Volunteer Day will be held under the name of “Gala of Social Initiatives”because it was combined with the gala of the “Nongovernmental Initiative of the Year” competition. The organisers of the event are the Volunteer Centre in Zamość and Zamość Social Initiative Forum

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Seniors visit the Zamość-based ”Kosz” 2016-10-05

Seniorzy w zamojskim “Koszu” - 04 On 4 October, seniors visited the Szczebrzeska Gate (Brama Szczebrzeska), the current premises of the Mieczysław Kosz Jazz Club Association. It was another outing to a ” not-far-away and yet unknown place” in which unusual things happen. Grzegorz Obst, the chairman, told the visitors about club gigs, festivals, get-togethers between vocalists and jazz musicians as well as other projects undertaken by his Association.

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Two visits to the Zamość-based BWA Gallery 2016-09-19

The Zamość-based Gallery was another interesting place that seniors from the Senior Community Station got to know. Two engaging exhibitions were the pretext. During the first visit, the seniors had the opportunity to see paintings by Arkadiusz Andrejkow and posters by Waldemar Świerzy. On the second visit, they saw an exhibition of plein-air paintings entitled “Poems by Father Jan Twardowski in illustration”.

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The world is getting older ... A lecture. 2016-08-06

Forms and methods of taking care of seniors in Poland, Europe and the world – such was the content of a lecture which took place on 4 August. The lecture and the accompanying presentation had been prepared by Ewa Szczepańska. The key idea behind the event could be encapsulated in the following motto: “The world for the senior – the senior for the world”. The main message of the lecture was to prepare people to age actively.

The lecture was followed by seniors and volunteers.

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Seniors get to know revitalized Zamość 2016-08-03

The Arsenal Museum of Fortifications and Weaponry as well as the defensive walls – these were the two destinations of a trip which meant to show seniors the new face of Zamość. The members of the Senior Community Station hadn’t had the opportunity or enough energy to see the military installations along with the defensive walls surrounding the Old Town, revitalized due to European projects.

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Seniors went on another trip 2016-07-30

“Goths’ village” and the border of the European Union – these are next places that were visited by senior members of the Senior Community Station. “Goths’ village,” an open-air museum in Masłomęcz near Hrubieszów, is a peculiar place where archaeologists discovered remains of settlements and Gothic cemeteries from the 3rd century AD. On the other hand, Kryłów is a beautiful village with ruins of a fifteenth-century castle. The village is situated on the Bug River which constitutes the Polish border with Ukraine and the European Union.

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A report on a trip to Kazimierz and Lublin 2016-07-10

This year, Kazimierz Dolny and Lublin were the cities visited by members of the Senior Community Station within the framework of the project co-financed by the “Re­mem­bran­ce, Re­spon­si­bi­li­ty and Fu­tu­re” fo­un­da­tion (EVZ). The trip took place on 5 and 6 July. Apart from visiting Kazimierz and Lublin Old Town, the programme included a cruise on the Vistula, a trip to Janowiec on a narrow-gauge train and a performance at the Juliusz Osterwa Theatre.

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An invitation to a trip 2016-05-30

This year, members of the Senior Community Station will visit Kazimierz Dolny and Lublin within the framework of a project partially funded by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ). The trip is scheduled for 5 and 6 July. Apart from visiting Kazimierz and the Old Town in Lublin, the programme includes a cruise on the Vistula, a trip to Janowiec on a narrow-gauge train and a performance at the Juliusz Osterwa Theatre.

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Christmas and New Year wishes from the board members of the Volunteer Centre in Zamość 2015-12-18

Życzenia Świąteczne i Noworoczne od Zarządu Zamojskiego Centrum Wolontariatu We would like to wish all our friends a White and Merry Christmas and a lot of success in the forthcoming New Year. We would also like to extend our thanks for cooperation to: the city of Zamosc and poviat authorities, headteachers of schools and boarding schools, directors of cultural and educational institutions, chairmen of housing cooperatives, partner NGOs, the project partners, and last but not least , all the volunteers.

The board and the members of the Volunteer Centre in Zamość

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08.12.2015 - ”Gala for Social Initiatives” 2015-12-03

This year’s Volunteer Day will be celebrated as a ”Gala for Social Initiatives” since it has been conceived as a joint event with the “Social Initiative 2014” competition gala. The event is being co-organized by the Volunteer Centre in Zamość (VCZ) and Zamość Forum for Social Initiatives (Zamojskie Centrum Inicjatyw Sołecznych).

On the one hand, such a set-up will make it possible for representatives of NGOs invited to the gala to see how engaged volunteers are. On the other hand, the volunteers will have the opportunity to learn about initiatives launched by the Zamość third sector. Here is the programme of the Gala which will be held in the local culture centre “Okrąglak” from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • 11.00 – 11.15 The official opening of the Gala.
  • 11.15 – 12.15 “Volunteering has more than one name” – a presentation on the VCZ’s activities (as undertaken by teenagers and adults), prize award ceremony and a word of thanks
  • 12.15 – 12.45 A round-up of the “Social Initiative 2014” competition, prize award ceremony
  • 13.00 Refreshments
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A lecture about limericks 2015-11-28

A lecture given by Zbigniew Dmitrocy was a feast for the spirit for seniors writing poetry. In the first part of the of the meeting, the guest talked about his work, his interests and presented his artistic output: several dozen books for children, teenagers and adults.

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Taking care of seniors anew 2015-10-08

In line with the objectives of a new project financed by the “Re­mem­bran­ce, Re­spon­si­bi­li­ty and Fu­tu­re” foundation (EVZ), the offer directed at senior victims of the Third Reich has been further enriched and diversified . The Daytime Community Centre has been renamed “Senior Community Station”. Since the month of September, Senior Community Station has been running arts& crafts as well as technical studios and providing eurhythmics classes for seniors. In addition, “the Silver Academy of the Fourth Age” has been set up. The Academy holds lectures, workshops, training courses, cultural events, integrational and festive events, trips and cinema outings. These activities are conducted by experienced teachers, therapists and coaches.

Legal advice services and specialist trainings for volunteers taking care of elderly people, which were part of the previous project, have been retained.

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Polish-German workshop for teachers and pupils. 2015-09-26

The Polish-German workshop ending the project “Still needed –a Partnership for Supporting the Victims of the Third Reich from Zamojszczyzna and Cologne” took place on 22 −24 September. The workshop was attended by the representatives of the Co­lo­gne-ba­sed Fe­de­ral As­so­cia­tion for In­for­ma­tion and Con­sul­ta­tion to Vic­tims of Na­tio­nal So­cia­lism (BUN­DE­SVER­BAND IN­FOR­MA­TION & BE­RA­TUNG FÜR NS-VER­FOLG­TE), teachers and pupils from Mid­dle Scho­ol No. 4 and Up­per-Se­con­da­ry Scho­ol Com­plex No.4 as well as volunteers. The workshop participants, who were supervised by a trainer, worked out effective methods of non-formal education helping to commemorate the fate of the victims of Nazism and to teach the young generation about the history of the Second World War. Moreover, the workshop attendees talked about difficult memory, awkward questions and fighting stereotypes. On the last day, the participants met “witnesses to history”. After the workshop sessions, the guests from Cologne visited the city and saw a preview of the exhibition of works by a Zamość-based painter, Stanisław Pasieczny .

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To remember, but how? A Polish-German workshop about “difficult memory” 2015-08-25

The workshop will be devoted to memory and difficult common history. The event will be attended by four representatives of the Cologne-based Federal Association for Information and Consultation to Victims of National Socialism (BUNDESVERBAND INFORMATION & BERATUNG FÜR NS-VERFOLGTE), as well as volunteers and teachers (16 persons in total) assigned by the Volunteer Centre in Zamość. Those teachers and volunteers work with young people and victims of the Third Reich on a daily basis.

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Seniors attend Zamość Book Festival 2015-05-10

Seniorzy na Zamojskim Festiwalu Książki Senior members of the Daytime Community Centre were invited by Zamość Library (Książnica Zamojska) to participate in Book Festival held on 6–8 May. They had the opportunity to see Festival exhibitions and attend fairs as well as meetings with authors.

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Workshop outing to Bełżec 2015-04-21

VCZ volunteers had the opportunity to participate for the second time in a very special workshop outing organized within the framework of cooperation between the Volunteer Centre in Zamość and Museum – Memorial Site in Bełżec. They visited the Jewish Martyrdom Museum and saw the permanent exhibition. They also learnt about the methods of maintaining and making inventory of exhibits which are still found on the premises of the camp.

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A lecture for seniors 2015-04-20

“Customs and family rites in the Zamość Region”. Such was the title of another lecture for seniors given by an ethnographer from Zamość, Maria Fornal.

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”Memory collectors” back from Israel 2015-04-01

The last, third stage of the Polish-German-Israeli “For­got­ten sto­ries – for­got­ten pe­ople” project took place in Kfar Silver on 22−28 March. The Polish participants, nine pupils from Zamość, met their German and Israeli peers in order to continue recording interviews with witnesses to history.

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EVZ’s support for another two years 2015-03-20

The board of the Berlin-based foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ) has offered the Volunteer Centre in Zamość (VCZ) further funding for its project aimed at assistance to victims of the Third Reich. The ongoing project will finish on 15th October 2015. Its follow-up will last for two years, until the end of 2017. This new project foresees the use of well-tried activities as well as new ones which will undoubtedly help to improve the quality of life of senior citizens.

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The Mayor of Zamość becomes a Patron of the “Let Me Tell You a Story” Project 2015-03-03

We are delighted to announce that Andrzej Wnuk, the Mayor of Zamość, has become an official patron of the international project “Let me tell you a story.” In his explanation, the Mayor wrote, “I hereby accept an honorary patronage of the project realized in the framework of the ERASMUS+ Programme. At the same time, I would like to congratulate you on this interesting undertaking (…) I hope that this experience, the fruit of meetings with witnesses to history, will prove enriching for the participants (…)”

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Polish-German-Israeli youth meeting 2015-02-08

”Forgotten stories – forgotten people: young people from Poland, Germany and Israel learn about the fate of victims of National Socialism.” Such is the title of a three-stage project, whose second stage was implemented in Zamość between 1 February and 6 February. The project was initiated by Peter Zinke from Nuremberg and Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk. The participants were pupils from Maria Konopnicka Secondary School no. 2 in Zamość, Dürer-Gymnasium in Nuremberg and Youth Village Kfar Silver in Hof Ashkelon.

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Youth is not forever 2015-01-15

Youth is Not Forever: Senior Citizens from Zamość Reflect on Old Age and Passing. Such is the title of a volume of verse and poetic prose authored by members and friends of the Volunteer Centre in Zamość (VCZ). Among the contributors, there are beneficiaries of the “Still needed” project, seniors aged under 75 years, volunteers and regular members of the Daytime Community Centre.

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„World for seniors – seniors for the world” conference 2014-11-23

On 26 November, a conference discussing the celebrations of the Zamość Senior Month, organized by ZVC, will take place in Zamość.

The conference will take place in “Okrąglak,” from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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„Collectors of memories” in Nuremberg 2014-11-20

On 17 November 9 participants of the workshops organised by Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk (8 pupils from Grammar School No. 3 and Middle School No. 4) left for Nuremberg, where they will meet their peers from Germany and Israel as part of the project “Forgotten stories – forgotten people.” Apart from the people from Zamość, Peter Zinke, the author of the project, also invited the pupils from Durer-Gymnasium in Nuremberg and from Youth Village Kfar Silver in Hof Ashkelon.

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Informed consumers 2014-10-22

Świadomi konsumenci (2014-10-22) „Be an informed consumer” is the title of a lecture prepared for pur seniors and volunteers by Katarzyna Mazur, Zamość’s Consumer Advocate. The listeners were informed about different types of situations in which they could use the Advocate’s aid, such as problems with returning goods, service failure, guarantee or warranty. Ms. Mazur stressed that we should always remember about our rights while shopping or signing all kinds of contracts. As consumers, we have a right to withdraw from an agreement during a specified period of time. We should also seek professional aid in case of problems.

Senior-friendly places 2014-10-06

As a part of the task „3S – Self-realization, Self-sufficiency, Solidarity – Senior Community Station in Zamość” developed in the framework of the Government Program for Senior Citizens Social Activity, the Volunteer Centre in Zamość has decided to award the participating institutions with the unique “Senior-friendly Institution” badge.

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Consultation on establishing the Senior Citizens Council 2014-10-02

Ewa Szczepańska, Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk and Dorota Nowosad were invited to a consultation meeting on establishing the Senior Citizens Council in Zamość on account of their work at the Volunteer Centre in Zamość which has been involved in various projects for the elderly citizens for six years now.

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A Thank You Note 2014-08-23

The board of the Volunteer Centre in Zamość and the coordinator of the project involving the victims of the Third Reich from the Zamość region would like to sincerely thank the director of the Warsaw Rising Museum and the museum guides/volunteers for the warm welcome and assistance during our visit to the Museum. It was truly a memorable event for our members.

A trip to Warsaw 2014-08-22

A trip to Warsaw (19.08-20.08) was organized by Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk and Ewa Szczepańska. The excursion included a tour at the Old Town, Łazienki Park and a moving visit to the Warsaw Rising Museum. Our seniors and volunteers also dined at excellent restaurants “Bazyliszek” and “Halka” as well as enjoyed a wonderful performance of Neil Simon’s “The Sunshine Boys” at Teatr 6. Piętro (“6th Floor Theatre”) in the Palace of Culture and Science. Booked two months in advance, the play was a wonderful treat with excellent parts played by Piotr Fronczewski and Krzysztof Kowalewski. The trip was financed by EVZ and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

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„Warsaw – a heroic city” 2014-08-13

“Warsaw – a heroic city” is a title of a lecture given to our members and volunteers who are taking part in a trip to Warsaw 19 to 20 August. The trip includes a visit to the Warsaw Rising Museum, which accounts for the title of the lecture and the follow-up discussion on the heroic fight of the capital’s inhabitants.

Senior Community Station 2014-07-27

Senior Community Station, which began operating this spring, has aroused much interest in the local community, particularly amongst those individuals who are caretakers for their elderly family members. The need for Station’s activities has also been expressed by social workers, family assistants and volunteers, which proves beyond doubt that we need such initiatives in our society.

Safe Seniors 2014-07-24

What can you do to remain safe at home, in the street, in a shop, at a bank, at a post office, at a cash machine, in a bus or in a train? How to behave when you’re attacked? How to defend yourself against fraud? How to call for help? All these issues and more were addressed during a lecture at our Daytime Community Centre.

The lecture was complemented with booklets distributed amongst the participants.

The Social Counselling Centre – Information Update 2014-06-30

Agnieszka Starmach is waiting for your visits at the Social Counselling Centre from 7 July 2014. Reservations by phone are also available: 846392863 or 846273775.

Social counselling and „a friendly line” 2014-06-17

What are the regulations of providing social assistance? What (non) monetary benefits are available to the insured elderly citizens? What are the types of benefits and who can receive them? In what circumstances can one apply for free nurse and home assistance? What are the income criteria? These are some of the questions that can be answered at the social counselling centre at Kolegiacka Street, open during the summer months. VCZ also encourages everyone to use a free “friendly line” (84 639 28 63) operated by kind assistants.

Invitation to German-Israeli-Polish project 2014-05-11

Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk and 8 participants of her workshop „How to talk to witnesses to history” have been invited to take part in an international historical project „Holocaust – Überlebende und der Umgang mit dem Nationalsozialismus,” financed by the German Foundation “Remembrance. Responsibility and Future.” The project will be carried out in Nuremberg, Ashkelon and Zamość. Its author is Peter Zinke from Nuremberg, who visited Zamość from May 5 to May 7 this year. Our guest visited the town, our Centre as well as the places where the project will be carried out.

What aids and what harms us? 2014-05-04

“Not all medications advertised on TV are genuinely advantageous to our health. The supposedly ‘harmless herbs,’ when combined with drugs, can be harmful...” This was the first sentence from the lecture prepared for our members by Agnieszka Zielińska, a pharmacist and an owner of a medical herbal store.

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Easter cards and wishes 2014-04-18

Over 100 beautiful Easter cards were sent by volunteers to our members, friends and veterans’ organisations. Our initiative met with an enthusiastic response and we want to thank for all the wishes and kind words.

New volunteers 2014-04-04

Two groups of candidates for volunteers (60 people in total) were trained by Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk and Ewa Szczepańska in Stary Zamość. They are the pupils of the local gymnasium who want to participate in one-off volunteering as well as work for the local environment. The School Volunteering Club, supervised by Beata Soboń, is already well-known for its initiative in undertaking new and interesting projects.

Meeting at „The Synagogue” Centre 2014-03-30

On 29 March 2014, our members and volunteers took part in a meeting with Anna Doborowolska, the author of the book „Photographer from Auschwitz” and with Ireneusz Dobrowolski, the creater of the award-winning film “The Portraitist.”

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Visiting Historical Book Fair 2013-11-25

Seniorzy na „Targach książki historycznej” 01 On 18 November our elderly members and the volunteers took part in the Historical Book Fair organised by the Pedagogic Library in Zamość and the Branch Public Education Office of The Institute of National Remembrance in Lublin. The participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest publications of INR as well as listen to the lecture promoting a book by Dorota Gałaszewska-Chilczuk and Jacek Witold Wołoszyn “From a pre-schooler to a student. The criteria of social and political selection in education from 1947 to 1956” and, as witnesses of these events, take part in the follow-up discussion.

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Order of Merit of The Polish War Invalids Union 2013-11-22

Upon the request of the President of The Polish War Invalids Union in Zamość, the Presidium of the Regional Polish War Invalids Union in Lublin has awarded Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk the Order of Merit of The Polish War Invalids Union in recognition of her service to the war and military invalids, the oppressed and their families.

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Legal aid for the combatants and their families 2013-09-30

After a summer break we resume legal aid for the combatants and their families as a part of our on-going project „Still needed.” A Partnership for Supporting the Victims of the Third Reich from Zamojszczyzna and Cologne, Financed by German Foundation „Remembrance Responsibility Future”.

Legal counselling is provided by Agnieszka Starmach, M.A. in Law, on Mondays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m in the office of VCZ at Kolegiacka 16 in Zamość.

A Thank-You Note for Monika 2013-09-02

From 2009 to 2013 Monika Mróz, M.A. (law and administration), was responsible for legal counselling for the victims of the Third Reich and their families. She provided valuable information on all kinds of help and assistance, prepared official documents and requests for welfare benefits, financial support, rehabilitation equipment, visits to sanatoriums as well as professional aid. Our friend also provided support in civil and criminal law, working long hours as a volunteer.

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For the absentees 2013-07-02

Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk and Ewa Popławska prepared extensive coverage of the trip to Cracow and Oświęcim for the members who could not take part in the excursion. The organisers prepared a lecture and a presentation of photos. After having listened to the impressions of the participants, the guests said that they felt as if the actually took part in the trip, which was the point of the meeting.

A trip to Cracow 2013-06-16

Wycieczka seniorów i wolontariuszy do Krakowa - 25 Visiting Wawel Cathedral, Wawel Royal Castle, St. Mary's Basilica, the Sukiennice and the Main Square – these are only some of the events organized by Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk and Ewa Szczepańska during a 2-day excursion to Cracow whose participants were senior citizens and volunteers.

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A moving visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum 2013-06-16

Wizyta seniorów w Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau - 01 In response to a request made by the senior combatants, the participants of a trip to Cracow visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. It was a moving visit as some of the participants lost their loved ones in the camp. Before taking the tour, the group from Zamość was welcomed by the senior curator, Adam Cyra Ph.D., and a former prisoner in the camp, Professor Wacław Długoborski. The group’s guide was Stefania Kozioł from the Auschwitz Preservation Society.

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„Magic Cracow” - a lecture in The Café of Stories 2013-06-08

“Cracow is like prism through which our motherland grows lovely” – with these words taken from Jan Sztaudynger’s poem, Krystyna Rybińska-Smyk began her virtual walk through the city of Cracow. The lecture was attended by more than 40 senior citizens and volunteers. The majority of the participants is going on an excursion to Cracow (12.06-13.06) organized by the Volunteer Centre in Zamość.

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„70th anniversary of the expulsions from Zamojszczyzna region” - an exhibition in „Okrąglak” 2013-05-15

„70 rocznica wysiedleń Zamojszczyzny”. Wystawa w Okrąglaku - 01 The senior citizens who attend the Daytime Community Centre had an opportunity to see an exhibition that was presented in the Salt Market last December. The exhibition consists of 36 display boards with photocopies of pictures, documents, memoirs and accounts of the people who were involved in these tragic events. The exhibition made a particularly powerful impact upon those who lived through and still remember the horror of expulsion…

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Lecture for seniors and volunteers: “Zamość yesterday and today” 2013-04-30

Wykład dla seniorów i wolontariuszy „Zamość wczoraj i dziś” (2013-04-30) - 1 “We live in a unique town whose qualities we tend to underestimate. Its beauty is often made known to us only through the eyes of visitors” – these were the words with which Wiesław Smyk, an amateur photographer and collector of archival photos, began his 2-hour-lecture. A multimedia stroll though pre- and post-war town met with great interest and encouraged the audience to share their memories and reflections.

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EVZ Representative from Berlin in the Volunteer Centre in Zamość 2012-09-18

Przedstawicielka Fundacji EVZ z Berlina w Zamojskim Centrum Wolontariatu - 1 On 16 September, Anja Krautler, the monitor of the previous and present project aiding the victims of the Third Reich from Zamojszczyzna, visited Zamość. The guest was given a detailed tour of the Volunteer Centre’s premises in Zamość. She also had an opportunity to talk with the project’s beneficiaries who came to the meeting. 

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Lecture on safety 2012-08-28

Wykład dotyczący bezpieczeństwa osób starszych (2012-08-28) - 2 More than half of the participants of the project aiding the victims of Nazism took part in a meeting and lecture concerning the issue of safety among senior citizens. The meeting’s guests were the police officers from the Crime Prevention Department in Zamość who talked about possible dangers as well as ways of preventing them, including the methods of securing one’s household items and property.

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